We Fought For Their Freedom, But Where Are Russian-American Jews Today?

We Fought For Their Freedom, But Where Are Russian-American Jews Today?

In the 1970s and ‘80s, many segments of American Jewry led protests and rallies under the banner, “Let My People Go,” agitating to bring Russian Jews out of the former Soviet Union. Where do these Russian transplants and their children and grandchildren figure today in the American Jewish community?

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From 100 Countries: Chabad’s Female Emissaries Celebrate Success and Empowerment

Thousands of women—Chabad emissaries and their guests—gathered at the U.S. Armory in Brooklyn last night for a gala banquet, the finale of the five-day International Conference of Shluchos.

Ashira Weiss | News | Monday, January 28

3,000 Chabad Women Leaders Convene For International Conference

The thirtieth annual International Conference of Shluchos, known as “The Kinus,” begins today in Brooklyn, New York. Over 3,000 women—directors and lay leaders of Chabad centers in 100 countries—are expected to attend.

Mussi Sharfstein | News | Thursday, January 24

Thousands of Children "Grow" Goodness for Tu BiSh'vat

“We are each responsible for the atmosphere around us,” said Mrs. Altie Wolvovsky to the group of twenty 5- to 11-year-olds gathered around her. A lively discussion about the environment and their impact on it ensued.

Ashira Weiss | News | Sunday, January 20

Belgian Rabbis Resolute Despite Kosher Slaughter Ban

For many of Belgium’s 30,000 Jews, 2019 brings with it some uncomfortable restrictions. A law proposed in June 2017, now implemented after a unanimous vote, has outlawed ritual Kosher slaughter in their country.

Ashira Weiss | News | Friday, January 18

Art and Design Meet in Chabad of Korea’s New Mikvah

Designed by the emissaries, the mikvah is uniquely Korean. Its roof is reminiscent of the curved, tiled designs that feature prominently in royal Korean architecture, and the waved aluminium panels on the left side of the building are a nod to the modern, high-tech vibe currently sweeping the country. The mikvah pool features intricate mosaic tiles placed along the walls that were artfully formed in the shape of a single droplet of water, encouraging one to contemplate the sanctity and rebirth associated with the waters of the mikvah.

Frayda Kaplan | News | Thursday, January 17

A Testament to the Rebbe's Exhaustive and Far-Reaching Scholarship

For most readers, the fascinating meanderings and careful reconciliations of apparently contradictory details will obscure the big insight that brackets the Rebbe’s writing: the “theory of everything”—the profound unity that pervades all of Torah thought. Block carefully prunes the Rebbe’s winding tendrils of thought to help the reader see the recurring themes in the Rebbe’s writings.

Dr. Chana Silberstein | News | Tuesday, January 15

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