A First for Ukrainian City: Sumy Municipality Welcomes Torah Scroll

A First for Ukrainian City: Sumy Municipality Welcomes Torah Scroll

The Aron Kodesh was donated by the Manssouri Family from Tarzana, California in memory of Rabbi Avrohom Levitansky

Sumy, Ukraine

May 26, 2010

On Tuesday, May 18, the Jewish community of Sumy Ukraine welcomed their newly restored Torah scroll. 

Hundreds of Jewish community residents joined the procession as they danced from the town’s main street to the Jewish community center. 

The parade was led by the Ukrainian army band. It is believed to be the first time the town held a welcoming Torah celebration in close to a hundred years. 

Sumy Mayor, Hennadiy Minayev, addressed the crowd and expressed strong support for the Jewish community.

“Though, I’m not Jewish, I am honored to be a part of Jewish community development in Sumy. I closed the street for this event and will continue to allow the community to put a Chanukah Menorah in the center of town.”

The Sefer Torah was restored by the National Sofer Center in Dnepropetrovsk with the help of a generous donation from the Rier family

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