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Keren Hashanah Fund

More than sixty years ago, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of blessed memory, introduced a new concept in giving to tzedakah, by establishing the Machne Israel, Keren Hashanah Fund.

Keren Hashanah, an unusual charity, makes that commitment fail-proof! In fact, it will actualy do the mitzvah for you while you get the credit, every single day. 

This is not a mitzvah you want to Forget...not even one day. 

You write one check, and Keren Hashanah will disburse tzedakah, twice a day, on your behalf to Chabad-Lubavitch's humanitarian, educational and spiritual outreach services.

The lunar calendar for the Jewish year of 5778 has 354 days. Please choose from the following multiples of 354.

I want this to be a memorial/honorary gift

Choose a gift amount

$36 per day$12,744 
$3 per day$1,062 
$0.25 per day$88.50 
$18 per day$6,372 
$2 per day$708 
$0.18 per day$63.72 
$10 per day$3,540 
$1 per day$354 
$0.10 per day$35.40 
$5 per day$1,770 
$0.50 per day$177 


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