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In his lifetime, they came by the thousands, waiting in line for a moment of personal contact.

In his passing, they come by the tens of thousands, bonding with his soul, finding inspiration and guidance.

Spiritual leader, shepherd of the people, the Lubavitcher Rebbe transformed the Jewish community; he elevated individuals and their religious experience.

And he continues to do that now, 25 years after his passing.

Around the world, Jewish communities are growing.

Disconnected are connecting.

Unlearned are learning.

On that third day of Tammuz twenty five years ago, when our beloved Rebbe passed away, our hearts were broken. But we knew that the Rebbe had given us reserves of strength, of courage and pride, empowering us to grow and help others grow, and to carry his vision and make it our own, so that Judaism, yiddishkeit becomes more relevant today than ever before.

With the Rebbe’s life long investment in the Jewish people, and with the support of friends like yourself, we defied the naysayers: In the last 25 years, Chabad’s educational, social and religious programs and services have grown at a rate unlike anything in the movement’s history! 

Let’s continue to honor this great legacy. Share with us so that we can share with others. On this 25th yahrzeit of the Rebbe, partner with us with a $180 contribution. That’s ten times chai. Or if you can honor this auspicious date by giving even more, $500 will allow us to do something significant to move ahead with the Rebbe’s vision for Jewish life.

The Rebbe dedicated his life so that you and I will be enriched by our Jewish identity, so that our children and grandchildren will know who they are, why that’s important, and what their place, their privilege and their responsibility, as Jews are.

And he wanted, with every fiber of his being, to see every Jew blessed, spiritually and materially, to see us grow together and build together, and work in harmony to make our society, our world, a more G-dly, wholesome, peaceful one.


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