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Passover-a time when families get together around the glow of the Seder table-is a festival rich in themes of Jewish unity, freedom, joy and sharing. It’s a time when we need to take extra measures to respond to the spiritual thirst . . . the physical hunger . . . the emotional pain . . . the social isolation that so many suffer today.

With men and women in 100 countries around the world, and thousands of Passover Seders, Chabad is the one address most sought out by Jews in crisis.

Please, find my child. Bring him to your Chabad House. Get him to come to your Seder table, is the refrain we hear again and again.

My dear friend: Before you sit down to your own Seder, work with us to help bring someone’s missing child back home. Because Passover, more than any other Jewish holiday, is about Jewish solidarity, about celebrating our unity and our togetherness.  We must then, make sure that no child is missing from the table!

The crisis of losing kids who get mixed up with the wrong crowd is affecting us all.

Time and again, Chabad has led the way, bringing Jews back from the brink.

How urgently your help is now needed!

We need your help to fulfill the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s hope, his deepest desire, that there will yet come a Passover Seder when no Jew will be left behind. Let it be this Passover!

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