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Kolel Fund - Machne Israel

Kollel Menachem – the Chabad Lubavitch Kollel, was established by the Rebbe in 1962,
under the aegis of Machne Israel and the Mazkirus. It has since become a renowned institution of Torah study serving  students from around the world.

Kollel Menachem provides an environment for high level academic learning and
study thereby educating scholars who can then go on to serve the global Jewish community in a much needed capacity. The Kollel operates under the astute tutelage of Rabbi Yoseh Avrohom Halevi Heller. Its multi-faceted program while primarily focusing on Talmud, Halacha and Chassidus prepares these young scholars for a life devoted to Shlichus and the Rabbinate by providing them with specific tailor made
courses and lectures to ensure they have the proper tools and training in applied
Rabbinical studies, leadership, outreach, family counseling and communal development.For many years now Kollel Fellows have assumed prominent shlichus positions in the Rabbinate or lay leadership in Jewish communities around the globe..

The Kollel doors are open for all people who wish to avail themselves of the studious
environment, who find it a refreshing oasis conducive to Torah study.  They can come to learn, listen to a shiur, find a chavrusa or do individual research. The huge Kollel library offers the young scholars and guests excellent resources with over ten thousand volumes in its library, and its new computer room equipped with Otzar Hachochma.

To date, after fifty-three years, the Kollel has trained more than three thousand Rabbis, most of whom serve the world wide Jewish community in Shlichus and/or the rabbinate.

We would like to ask you to partner with us in the continuing success in the Kollel
going forward. The need is great!  The Kollel is solely dependent on the financial
aid of Anash and alumni.

The current average monthly maintenance cost of the Kolel, including stipends for the
student’s salaries, utilities and general maintenance is approximately $65,000.


Please help us for this Purim Appeal. Wishing you and your families a Freilichen Purim

Thanking you for your consideration, and with every good wish and blessing,

Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky,

Chairman of Machne Israel


Rabbi Noach Fox,

On Behalf of the Vaad of the Kolel



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