Long Island Rabbi Receives Senator's Award

Long Island Rabbi Receives Senator's Award

This afternoon, October 15, Senator John E. Brooks stopped by the Chabad Center for Jewish Life on Hewlett Avenue with a delivery for Rabbi Shimon and Chanie Kramer. The couple received a NYS Commendation Award in recognition of their contribution to the community.

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A Bereavement Minyan Group On Whatsapp in Montreal

Some mitzvahs are all about acts of kindness. These are performed without any expectations of a “thank you.” Paying last respects is one of them. So when Rabbi Levi New of the Montreal Torah Center in suburban Hampstead, Quebec, reached out asking for help to complete a minyan [quorum of ten men] for the Kaddish to be recited at a burial site, the positive response surprised him.

Staff Writer | News | Wednesday, October 10

Simple Shtieble, Soaring Sanctuary, Yom Kippur Is Calling

There is a “synagogue crisis” at large, and Chabad is not unaffected. Chabad rabbis and rebbetzins do draw crowds to their community events. Shabbat dinners and adult educational courses are well attended. Jews are engaging with us, and often in impressive numbers. But that’s not davening.

Baila Olidort | News | Tuesday, September 18

Four Communal Leaders Share Personal Regrets and Resolutions

The High Holidays are a time dedicated to repentance and reflection. We’ve asked four Chabad leaders to share with us some of the regrets they feel as communal leaders, and what resolutions within the scope of their leadership responsibilities they’d like to make in the coming year.

Mussi Sharfstein | News | Friday, September 14

New Chabad Representatives to Duluth, Edge of the Great Lakes

Minnesota’s port city on the shores of Lake Superior is will soon have new Chabad representatives. Rabbi Mendy and Tirtza Ross and their two children will move shortly after the conclusion of the Sukkot holiday. Duluth’s Jewish population is small. Rabbi Mendy Ross estimates about 1,000 Jews living in the region. “But who knows? There could be even more.” But small is fine. “We’re not looking to attract thousands of participants to a big event."

Mussi Sharfstein | News | Friday, September 14

Sitting Next To Your Spouse In An Orthodox Synagogue

This time of year, when people may feel more motivated to attend synagogue for High Holiday services, the mechitzah separating the men and women sometimes becomes a sticking point. The world is evolving with more equal rights for everyone. If Chabad would accommodate mixed gender seating, it would have wider acceptance. Why don’t you adopt this practice to better fit with the times?

Rivka Slonim | News | Thursday, September 13

Have We Become Too Sophisticated For Yom Kippur?

Something has changed. In our minds, Yom Kippur has become complicated. The service doesn’t speak to us—the idea of sin no longer resonates. Praying all day in a foreign language seems alienating, fasting uncomfortable. And anyway, isn’t change something personal that can’t be scheduled, but has to happen on our own timetable?

Chana Silberstein | News | Thursday, September 13

Chabad Leader Tours "LifeTown," New Jersey's 53,000 sq. ft. Special Needs Facility

Chabad Leader Tours "LifeTown," New Jersey's 53,000 sq. ft. Special Needs Facility Go to galleryGo to gallery »

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