Coffee at Dartmouth, One Cup At A Time

Coffee at Dartmouth, One Cup At A Time

On a mild spring afternoon last May in a local café in the small idyllic town of Hanover, New Hampshire, Rabbi Moshe Gray was holding his fifth cup of coffee of the day. Unlike the over-caffeinated Ivy League students cramming for exams, the Chabad rabbi was not trying to stay awake.

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CTeen Europe Shabbaton Gives Jewish Teenagers a Boost of Jewish Pride

Jewish Teens spend a weekend together, having fun and making lifelong connections

S.B. Nemanow | News | Monday, August 25

Photo Gallery: JLI Retreat 2014, Chicago

Photos from five days at JLI’s National Jewish Retreat

News | Wednesday, August 20

Video: Canadian Rabbis Look Out for Jewish Inmates

Rabbi Zushe Silberstein works with Jewish Inmates of Quebec’s prisons.

News | Tuesday, August 19

Florida Governor Joins Chabad at Sample Seder

Florida Governor Rick Scott joined Chabad of Tallahassee on the eve of the first night of Pesach “pre-Seder” event hosted by Rabbi Schneur and Chanie Oirechman.

Rena Greenberg | News | Friday, April 25

Mrs. Rivkie Barber, 49

With profound grief and sadness, the world-wide Chabad-Lubavitch community mourns the passing of Mrs. Rivkie Barber on Friday, March 21. A Chabad-Lubavitch representative in Melbourne, Australia, Barber passed away after a brief illness. She was 49.

Staff Writer | News | Friday, March 21

Books: Children Who Live With Purpose

Readers who collect every one of the 9x9 hardcover books as they are released—each richly illustrated with photographs of the children in their respective locales—are promised a vicarious exposure to a wide range of cultures.

Staff Writer | News | Monday, December 16

My Trip to Israel

My Trip to Israel Go to videoGo to video »

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