Rosh Hashana: Remembering the Past, Committing the Future

Rosh Hashana: Remembering the Past, Committing the Future

Like Kafka’s father, parents often come too late to the realization that whereas their own memories may have served them well, they could not be passed on vicariously; that transmission occurs not through nostalgia, but through the practice of traditions and rituals.

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Ukrainian’s Celebrate Jewish Wedding of Nineteen Couples

Living with uncertainty, Jews in the city of Dnepropetrovsk celebrated the Jewish wedding of nineteen couples. The group... Staff | News | Tuesday, September 23

Israeli Mall Names Synagogue for Fallen Soldiers

At a busy Israeli mall in the city Netanya hundreds turned out to celebrate the inauguration of a synagogue in memory of... Staff | News | Tuesday, September 23

Chabad UK Representative on Power 100 List

Rabbi Bentzion Sudak, chief executive of the Lubavitch Foundation in England, was named on the “Power 100” list of the London Jewish Chronicle.

Dovid Zaklikowski | News | Thursday, September 18

Hawaiian Island of Kauai’s First Torah Scroll

The Hawaiian Island of Kauai, where people come to get away, never had its own Torah scroll. Now, Richard Seigel, a local resident and his family, commissioned one to serve the Island's Jewish community on Shabbat and Jewish holidays.

Dovid Zaklikowski | News | Thursday, September 18

New Home for Peabody Chabad in the New Year

Chabad of Peabody, Massachusetts, bursting at the seams of its current location, will begin the Jewish New Year with the purchase of a new building.

Dovid Zaklikowski | News | Thursday, September 18

Birthday Challah Bake for Cleveland’s Rebbetzin

How do you celebrate the 70th birthday of a Chabad Rebbetzin? In Cleveland, Ohio, 500 children, mothers and grandmothers...

Dovid Zaklikowski | News | Wednesday, September 17

My Trip to Israel

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