Judge and Journalist Weigh in On the Law

Judge and Journalist Weigh in On the Law

This year's Jewish Law Symposium, a project of Chabad of Madison, New Jersey, asked Why Can’t We All Get Along—Difficult Clients, Families in Business, and Inheritances.

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Rabbi Ranked Top Teacher at Colorado University

Rabbi Yerachmiel Gorelik, adjunct lecturer in the Liberal Arts Department of Philosophy at the Colorado State...

Lubavitch.com Staff | News | Tuesday, September 30

Cyprus Chabad Dedicates Fourth Location in Limassol

Chabad of Cyprus dedicated a forth location in the country, this one in Limassol. The city sits on the southern coast of...

Lubavitch.com Staff | News | Monday, September 29

Minsk Jewish Community Grateful for Israeli-Belarus Visa-Waiver

To mark the visa-waiver for Israelis traveling to Belarus and Belarusians traveling to Israel, Sofa Landver,...

Lubavitch.com Staff | News | Sunday, September 28

The Rabbi and The Bees

He has some 40,000 bees in his backyard, and dressed in a beekeeper suit, he brings them with when visiting schools in...

Lubavitch.com Staff | News | Wednesday, September 24

Ukrainians Celebrate Jewish Wedding of Nineteen Couples

Living with uncertainty, Jews in the city of Dnepropetrovsk celebrated the Jewish wedding of nineteen couples. The group...

Lubavitch.com Staff | News | Tuesday, September 23

Israeli Mall Names Synagogue for Fallen Soldiers

At a busy Israeli mall in the city Netanya hundreds turned out to celebrate the inauguration of a synagogue in memory of...

Lubavitch.com Staff | News | Tuesday, September 23

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