Celebrating this Year: Sukkot

Celebrating this Year: Sukkot

This week marks Sukkot, the holiday of booths (or huts). The seven-day Festival of Joy comes begins tonight, October 13, at sunset, commemorating the Clouds of Glory that G-d protected the Jewish people with during their travels in the desert following their exodus from Egypt 3,331 years ago.

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Tenafly Chabad Academy Students Create Origami Shofars

October 10, 2019


Chabad Center for Jewish Life observes Yom Kippur with the Kristallnacht Torah

October 10, 2019


Chabad Groundbreaking

October 7, 2019


Aryeh’s Kitchen: Kosher food truck and cornerstone of Jewish life

October 7, 2019


From a rabbi in El Paso: It’s time for healing

October 3, 2019


Chabad most influential group today

October 3, 2019


Budapest: 750 Jews at Rosh Hashana dinner

October 2, 2019

Cteen Judaism 101 in University Today

This fall, some 100 teenagers are expected to register as Yeshiva University non-matriculated students in a ground-breaking course on the tenets of Judaism. In conjunction with CTeen, Chabad’s Teen Network, the two-credit pilot course will cover topics of history and faith over 14 classes.

Dvora Lakein | News | Thursday, October 3

Plugged In & Disconnected

“Students put their headphones in, stare at their cell phones, and walk right by us. But I don’t think it’s Judaism necessarily that they are avoiding: the University struggles to engage them also. I think this generation is looking for connections but needs help actually connecting.”

Dvora Lakein | News | Wednesday, October 2

Rosh Hashanah, Not Only a Jewish Celebration

This week, Jewish people the world over will be marking Rosh Hashanah, a holiday commemorating the beginning of creation. In most locations, public schools and government offices will allow leave for the first of the two-day holiday, which begins this year on Sunday evening, September 29.

Sheindle Fogelman | News | Sunday, September 29

Counted & Blessed

As soon as we got into the car, the Rebbe expressed concern. Might the photographer have been offended by his blessing? After all, the Rebbe said, she wasn’t Jewish, and she would not be celebrating Rosh Hashanah as her new year. The Rebbe suggested that I call Mr. Goldman and ask him to explain to Ms. Washington that on the Jewish New Year we pray for all of humanity.

Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky | News | Friday, September 27

Historic: Two Synagogues and Two Torahs at the Banks of the Danube

At the shores of the Danube River, seventy-five years after 20,000 Jews were murdered there, the Jewish community of Budapest, Hungary celebrated this week the opening of two new Chabad centers and completion of two new Torahs.

Mussi Sharfstein | News | Thursday, September 26

Chabad Regains Rights to Krakow Synagogue Before High Holy Days

Judge Jacek Blat of the court of Krakow ruled today that the Izaak synagogue must be returned to Chabad of Krakow and reopened to the Jewish community. Run by Chabad, the Izaak shul has become a hub for the local Jewish community and the thousands of visitors who come daily to pray, study, and procure kosher food, among a host of other community activities.

Mussi Sharfstein | News | Wednesday, September 25

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