A Testament to the Rebbe's Exhaustive and Far-Reaching Scholarship

A Testament to the Rebbe's Exhaustive and Far-Reaching Scholarship

For most readers, the fascinating meanderings and careful reconciliations of apparently contradictory details will obscure the big insight that brackets the Rebbe’s writing: the “theory of everything”—the profound unity that pervades all of Torah thought. Block carefully prunes the Rebbe’s winding tendrils of thought to help the reader see the recurring themes in the Rebbe’s writings.

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Chabad of Short Hills Opens New Space

After decades of running activities out of two small family homes, Chabad of Short Hills, New Jersey opened a state-of-the-art 28,000-square-foot center on a nostalgic landmark on the city’s main street.

Mussi Sharfstein | News | Friday, December 28

Jewish Leader in the Bronx Inducted into Local Jewish Hall of Fame

This November, the Bronx Jewish Historical Initiative, in conjunction with the Bronx Borough President’s office, inducted its Hall of Fame class of 2018. One of in the six Jewish notables inducted was Rabbi Levi Shemtov who directs Chabad of the Bronx with his wife, Sarah, for the past twenty-seven years.

Mussi Sharfstein | News | Friday, December 28

Teens and Toys, Bringing Smiles to Montreal Hospitals

For children who are unwell during a holiday, the pain of a hospital stay can impede on the joy of the season. Rabbi Naftoli and Nechama Perlstein, directors of the Chabad Chai Center in Montreal, Canada, have worked to bring back the joy for more than twenty years. Through the Chai Center’s Toys for a Smile program, thousands of gifts are donated to hospitalized children for Chanukah.

Shterna Karp | News | Wednesday, December 26

Municipality in Germany Contributes To Local Jewish Revival

"Today we are making history, for our city and for our people," Rabbi Shalom Rabinovitz, Chabad emissary to Bad Homburg vor der Höhe, Germany, announced at the inauguration of the city’s first synagogue in eighty years. These words were spoken at the site of a former ancient synagogue, destroyed in 1938. The new synagogue project began in 2010 when Rabbi Rabinovitz and his wife, Mina, moved from Israel to Bad Homburg, which borders Frankfurt, as Chabad emissaries to bolster the tiny Jewish community of 600.

Mendel Levin | News | Tuesday, December 25

Old Books Find New Home

In a casual conversation with the inmate librarian at the Grafton Correctional Institute in Ohio, Rabbi Shlomo Elkan learned that the library was in dire need of books. The prison volunteer chaplain and director of Chabad at Oberlin college realized that he could help. He and his wife, Devorah, began the People of the Book initiative, advertising all over campus that Chabad was asking students and faculty members to donate books they didn’t need anymore.

Mussi Sharfstein | News | Sunday, December 23

500 Honor 40 Years of Chabad School on the French Riviera

Over 500 people gathered in the iconic Negresco Hotel this past November to celebrate forty years of the Chabad Kerem Menachem school, directed by Sara Pinson, in the French Riviera.

Mussi Sharfstein | News | Thursday, December 20

Newly-Renovated Mikvah Dedicated in Moscow

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