Remembering Rivky

Remembering Rivky

Rivky Berman, a young woman who battled serious illness while serving as a Chabad emissary, passed away Monday. Rivky’s pluck and perseverance, her larger-than-life attitude in the face of great challenge, made her an inspiration to many. She was 29.

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Chabad of UCF To Expand

A two-acre property down the block from the University of Central Florida campus will soon see a a three million dollar facility go up. The space, conducive to their growing community of about 6,000 Jewish students, will reflect the vision of Rabbi Chaim and Rivkie Lipskier.

Etti Krinsky | News | Thursday, May 5

Chief Rabbi Mirvis Participates at Inauguration of Chabad of Buckhurst Hill

The fast growth of Chabad of Buckhurst Hill prompted three moves until most recently, they moved into new premises, a space five times bigger than their previous one.

Staff Writer | News | Tuesday, May 3

A Model Seder at A Catholic University

For the past 21 years, the Weisses have worked with the South Florida community nearby the university, but struggled trying to establish a Chabad presence on the campus.

Etti Krinsky | News | Sunday, April 17

Moscow Opens Goodwill Center In Time For Passover

A second-hand furniture and clothing shop offers affordable goods.

Etti Krinsky | News | Thursday, April 14

A Model Practice Seder Made of Chocolate

From chocolate Seder plates, to four cups of chocolate milk, the students got their chocolate fix through all fifteen steps of the Seder.

Etti Krinsky | News | Tuesday, April 12

A Year After the Earthquake, Chabad of Nepal Prepares for Annual Seders

The city is still far from a complete recovery, but Chabad emissaries to Nepal, Rabbi Chezki and Chani Lifshitz are planning their annual Passover seders.

Etti Krinsky | News | Monday, April 11

Shliach and AF Chaplain (Capt.) Elie Estrin with Capt. Ari Wood and Lt Commander Greg Touchton honor U.S military veterans.

Shliach and AF Chaplain (Capt.) Elie Estrin with Capt. Ari Wood and Lt Commander Greg Touchton honor U.S military veterans. Go to galleryGo to gallery »

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