20 Years in Oklahoma City and the Frontier is Friendly

20 Years in Oklahoma City and the Frontier is Friendly

When Rabbi Ovadia and Nechoma Goldman came to town in 1998, they were told Oklahoma City was reform country. “Nice thought, but you won’t last long here,” was the polite yet clear message. The couple, then in their twenties, was not deterred. Today, two decades later, the community is united around their presence.

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The Lamplighters of Zagreb

"For the first time in Croatia, we have the experience of a Jewish community that is practicing all the traditions. And this has changed everything. Chabad is the rebuilding of Jewish life here.”

Baila Olidort | News | Thursday, May 9

Bat Mitzvah Club Ladies' Edition

Twelve young women and their families gathered around the Shabbat dinner table last month at Chabad of Whitefield in Manchester, England, to celebrate the completion of their bat mitzvah experience

Ashira Weiss | News | Wednesday, May 8

When is a Hill Not Just a Hill?

The natural playground is a living outdoor classroom where the children’s natural curiosity leads them to study caterpillars and collect millipedes. The playground uses materials like plants, boulders, logs, and earth mounds to provide a creative, interactive play experience. The environment facilitates the type of play that kept earlier generations occupied--a type of play that is becoming increasingly rare today.

Tzipora Reitman | News | Tuesday, May 7

Why is Chabad Hosting an Anti-Israel Activist?

It was terribly upsetting for me to learn about a Jewish pro-Palestinian activist who was feeling right at home at Chabad. American campuses are so hostile to Israel today. As Jews, I believe we must speak in support of Israel, and that we must speak out against the organizations that threaten its survival.

Mendel Matusof | News | Wednesday, May 1

Nature Rules, but Miracles Happen

Do you believe in miracles? To ask a Jew this question is like asking a raindrop whether it believes in clouds.

Baruch S. Davidson | News | Monday, April 29

Getting High on Jewish Pride

Did someone say Jewish teens are feeling intimidated? Not the two-thousand-five hundred who converged on Manhattan’s Times Square for a spectacular havdalah and Jewish concert in February. They came from 450 cities around the world and Times Square was rocking with Jewish pride.

Staff Writer | News | Thursday, April 18

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