Elevating Life Inside America's Prisons

Elevating Life Inside America's Prisons

As the iron cell door clanged shut behind her, 37-year-old Marcia Singer* felt herself going numb. Staring down at her prison issued jumpsuit she thought of her two young children separated from her by the grey walls that would confine her for the next several years.

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Russian Prime Minister Joins Dedication Of Historic Synagogue

Eighty years ago, it was a candy factory, owned by communists. Last week, it was dedicated as the new and first...

Etti Krinsky | News | Wednesday, December 23

German Foreign Minister Meets With Chabad Community Leaders

The Menorah Jewish Center, the world’s largest Jewish community center, received Germany’s Minister for...

Rosie Jacobs | News | Thursday, June 11

The Shmuel Rohr Brit Milah Clinic of Russia Opens

At Marina Roscha—Moscow’s Jewish Community Center—men and women make life changes on a daily basis as...

Staff Writer | News | Monday, June 1

Official Goverment Reception in Germany Serves Kosher

Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin and some 2500 guests participated at the official gala event hosted by...

Staff Writer | News | Wednesday, May 13

Students Take First Prize At Connecticut State Science Fair

Students at the Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy were well represented at the 67th Annual Connecticut State Science...

Mushkie Junik | News | Wednesday, April 29

New Chaplaincy Program to Train Rabbinical Students

On Sunday, April 26th, the Rabbinical College of America in Morristown, NJ welcomed Chaplains Jacob Goldstein and...

Mushkie Junik | News | Monday, April 27

Chabad's chief representative to Alaska leads a prayer at the opening of the Senate session in Washington DC. His prayer is followed by Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski's remarks. Go to videoGo to full size video »

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