Chabad of Peoria Competes for RK Dixon's $30,000 Office Makeover

Chabad of Peoria Competes for RK Dixon's $30,000 Office Makeover

Happy faces at Chabad of Peoria's Gan Israel Day Camp

Peoria, IL

August 29, 2007

Chabad of Peoria is one of about 18 organizations, among them the Red Cross and a local chapter of an arthritis foundation, competing for a $30,000.00 makeover.

The Make My NonProfit Run Better contest is sponsored by RK Dixon, a leading provider of enterprise and document solutions in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin, and is offering 501c(3) organizations in Peoria, Tazewell and McLean counties in Illinois a chance to participate in the contest.  

The winner will be determined based on the number of votes it gets.

Readers and friends of Chabad of Peoria are encouraged to vote by visiting the RK Dixon website's vote page here, and clicking on the circle to the left of Chabad of Peoria.

The first round of voting began August 27, and will run through September 5, to determine the "top five" contestants.

According to the contest's rules, you may "vote one time per day, per computer. Make sure to tell family, co-workers and friends to visit the website and vote for your organization!" says the website.

The second round of voting begins September 17th through September 24, and will narrow the entrants down to two. The winning organization will be selected the week of September 24. 

The runner-up will receive a $15,000.00 office makeover.

Chabad of Peoria serves Peoria, East Peoria, Pekin, Dunlap, Galesburg, Bloomington, Central, IL. Its mission statement on the application reads “To bring people to do one more good deed "MITZVAH" in making the world a better place.”

Rabbi Eli and Sara Langsam, Chabad Shluchim to Peoria, say Chabad of Peoria deserves to win because the prize will “help make our organization run much smoother and provide the assistance to those we serve more efficiently and in turn be able to help provide to all the needs of a Jewish community.”

RK Dixon is doing this because “we truly appreciates the efforts all non-profits give to our community and the time they invest. Make My Non-Profit Run Better is RK Dixon's way of saying thank you,” its website explains. has cast its vote for Chabad of Peoria, and welcomes its readers to do the same. 

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