Arson at Chabad in Transcarpathian Oblast

Arson at Chabad in Transcarpathian Oblast

One of the rooms, torched by arsonists, in the Teichman home.


October 7, 2007

Upon returning home with his family after spending the Simchat Torah festival with the Jewish community in nearby Munkacs, Chabad Lubavitch emissary to Uzhgorod, Ukraine, Rabbi Menachem Teichman was horrified to find his home torched and ransacked.

Local police are investigating whether the arson and burglary was a hate crime against the Rabbi and his family.

Uzhgorod is the smallest and westernmost regional capital of Ukraine. Once a hub of Jewish activity, the area's 25,000 Jews were rounded up and deported to Auschwitz during Passover of 1944.

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