Macy's and JCM Bring A Chanukah Wonderland to Children

Macy's and JCM Bring A Chanukah Wonderland to Children

New York, USA

November 29, 2007

Macy's mega department store is partnering with the Jewish Children's Museum of Brooklyn to bring "Chanukah Wonderland" to the Macy's children's floor in two New York locations this Chanukah.

The program will be held on December 2nd for Macy's in Manhasset, and on December 9th for Macy's in Herald Square, from 1-3 P.M.

There is no fee for the Chanukah Wonderland which will feature crafts, an olive press workshop and Chanukah gifts for all participants.

Using an authentic wood and cast iron olive press, the children will replicate the delicate process of extracting pure olive oil, and spin their own cotton wicks which will be used in a menorah lighting ceremony led by a Judah Maccabee character.


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