New Hampshire Primaries: Chabad Opens In Downtown To Serve Jewish Staffers

New Hampshire Primaries: Chabad Opens In Downtown To Serve Jewish Staffers

Chabad of New Hampshire banner welcoming the 2008 Primaries. (photo:

Manchester, NH

January 6, 2008

( Candidates are sprinting across New Hampshire making their final pitches in a tight race that will put this state at the center of national and international attention over the next 48 hours.

“We’re getting calls from campaigners, volunteers and others who have arrived and many who are arriving to the primaries,” Rabbi Levi Krinsky tells

Rabbi Krinsky is director of Chabad activities in New Hampshire, where the first presidential primaries take place this Tuesday. Observant Jews working the campaigns of the 11 candidates are calling him to find out whether there’ll be a minyan for daily prayers, and about kosher food availability. 

“We’ll have a place downtown beginning Monday morning, and there’ll be coffee and kosher refreshments round the clock. We’ll also arrange minyanim for anyone who’d like,” says Rabbi Krinsky.

People are arriving here in droves, and the ideal location of the temporary Chabad House set up in the hub of the action at 795 Elm St. corner Elm & Merrimack in Manchester, will make it easy for campaign staffers and volunteers to benefit from Chabad’s services.

“There’s a whole lot of energy here now,” says Rabbi Krinsky, who expects many will drop into the Chabad House during the next two days.

Through statewide direct voting, the New Hampshire primaries will determine which candidates will receive a state's votes for the Republican and Democratic nominations at their national conventions later this year.

Anticipation is thick here: since 1920, when New Hampshire became the state to host first presidential primaries, the state has, with the exception of two elections, picked the winner.

Information about a minyan, or other Chabad House services can be obtained by calling  603-682-7070

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