Chabad at UCSB Receives Funding from Students Finance Board

Chabad at UCSB Receives Funding from Students Finance Board

Santa Barbara, CA

January 8, 2008

According to the Daily Nexus at the University of California, Santa Barbara, the Associated Students Finance Board allocated a total of $41,563.01 to six groups requesting funds in its first meeting of Winter Quarter,.

Among those six was Chabad of UCSB. While Chabad asked for $18,470 for its 5th Annual West Coast Intercollegiate Shabbaton, the group received only $12,320. Chabad President Matthew Shayefar said the Shabatton, which was held at the University of Southern California and San Diego State University in previous years, will include a weekend with services, a dance and a guest speaker.

“People from past years have called it one of the best weekends of their life,” Shayefar said. “We’re hoping as many people from our campus and others come. You don’t have to be Jewish to attend.”

Shayefar said he expects 200 to 300 UCSB students, as well as 200 to 300 students from other campuses to attend.

The Shabbaton is one of numerous regional Shabbatons hosted by Chabad on campus, providing  students the opportunity for a full Shabbat-immersion experience.

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