Baking Matzah for US Troops at the Jewish Children's Museum

Baking Matzah for US Troops at the Jewish Children's Museum

Children at the JCM work with US soldiers to package matzah for the troops. (photo:JCM )

Lubavitch Headquarters

March 25, 2008

( Members of the US Army, and the families of Captain Andrew Shulman from Massachusetts and Captain Ari Vogel from Connecticut—both who are currently serving in Iraq, will greet visitors to The Jewish Children’s Museum, March 26.

Visitors to the Chabad-Lubavitch affiliated JCM, will have the opportunity to hand-bake Passover matzah for US troops abroad, “sending our troops a little ‘home’ to the ‘front’,” said a JCM spokesman.

They are small gestures but they “make the time go by a lot faster,” promises Army Sgt. Scott Humphrey who visited with the JCM last Passover season. Humphrey knows. He’s been deployed overseas four times.

Operation: Message in a Matzah, a joint project with the Aleph Institute, is part of the Model Matzah Factory at the JCM, which runs through April 13, 2008.

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