Jewish Soldiers in Russian Army To Receive Passover Provisions From FJC

Jewish Soldiers in Russian Army To Receive Passover Provisions From FJC

Moscow, Russia

April 10, 2008

In the days leading up to Passover, the FJC is reaching out to tens of thousands of Jews in 15 states of the FSU, with holiday provisions, literature and actual physical help in koshering the homes of people who’d like to observe the holiday.

This year, the comprehensive Passover outreach has expanded to include Passover provisions for Jewish soldiers serving in the Russian Army.

After learning of requests by Jewish soldiers serving in the Russian Army wanting help with observing Passover, Russia’s Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar worked in cooperation with the Chief of Chaplains and the leadership of the Russian Army, and the FJC has begun delivering Passover packages to them. Activities were coordinated with Chabad’s Rabbi Aron Gurevitz, Chief Rabbi of the Russian Army.

Mr. Lev Leviev, President of the FJC, said: “We are doing everything to penetrate every spot in the FSU where there are Jewish people, and we are determined to reach every individual Jew wherever he or she may be, physically and spiritually, to enable them to celebrate Passover and participate in the joy of membership among the Jewish nation.”

The Passover outreach is sponsored by Mr. Leviev and the Rohr Family Foundation.

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