Lakers' Farmar: A Slam Dunk For Tefillin on Campus

Lakers' Farmar: A Slam Dunk For Tefillin on Campus

L.A. Laker's Jordan Farmar wrapping tefillin at the Kotel.

Jerusalem, Israel

August 15, 2008

( When this photo of L.A. Lakers' Jordan Farmar, the only Jewish player in the NBA, putting on tefillin with Chabad at the Western Wall in Jersualem, came across the screen, Rabbi Chaim Shaul Brook fired it off to the avid Laker fans he's come to know as director of Chabad at California State University Northridge.

The response?

"The students went crazy over the picture," said Rabbi Brook. "Seeing someone like Jordan Farmar putting on tefillin has made the mitzvah a lot cooler."

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