Under Rockets and Sirens, A New Baby Is Welcomed in Ashkelon

Under Rockets and Sirens, A New Baby Is Welcomed in Ashkelon

Rabi Uri Cohen with Yinon and Zahavat Shlomo and their new baby, Iliyah.

by Miriam Davids - Ashkelon, Israel

December 31, 2008

(lubavitch.com) How does one plan a brit milah under the rain of mortar shells? Who will manage to get a minyan together, a mohel, let alone a festive meal, under the cacophony of red alert sirens and rockets that explode at random?

Those were the worries of Zahavit Shlomo, a local resident of Migdal, in Ashkelon who had given birth last week to a baby boy. Under the circumstances, she and her husband Yinon, realized it would be just about impossible for her to plan her son’s brit. So Tuesday night, she turned to her local Chabad representative, Rabbi Uri Cohen.

The brit milah, an especially joyful one, took place at the Chabad center Wednesday morning. See photos of the joyful brit ceremony, where, says Rabbi Cohen, music, dancing, good food and four times a minyan over, welcomed Iliyah ben Yinon, a new addition to the people of Israel, rockets and all . . .

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