Mrs. Libby Shifman, Chabad Representative in Safed, Passes Away

Mrs. Libby Shifman, Chabad Representative in Safed, Passes Away

The Shifman family.

Safed, Israel

March 31, 2009

( Chabad emissaries mourn the death of 44 year old Mrs. Libby Feigele Malka Shifman of Safed, Israel today after she suffered a severe stroke on Monday morning.

Mrs. Shifman’s is survived by nine children and her husband, Rabbi Aharon Shifman, the director of Chabad activities in the nearby villages of Parod and Shefer. She was the sister of Rabbi Daniel Kaye of Chabad of Sydney, Australia and Rabbi Eli Kaye of Chabad’s Ascent outreach center in Safed, Israel. 

She was laid to rest this evening after a funeral procession which began at the Levy Yitzhok Synagogue in the heart of the Chabad community of Safed.

Friends described her as “a loving and dedicated mother who was full of the joy of life and love for all Jews.” Others called her “compassionate,” recalling their experiences with Mrs. Shifman, a noted matchmaker in her community.

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