Chabad Representative to Marseille Recognized for Outreach Activities

Chabad Representative to Marseille Recognized for Outreach Activities

by Staff Writer - Marseille, France

October 18, 2009

( Chabad representative in Marseille, France, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Labkowsky was presented with a medal of honor by the city’s police department for his work with  Jewish inmates in the prisons of southern France.

"Rabbi Labkowsky serves as a model for excellence and tireless dedication," said the district commander of southern France, who placed the medal on the Rabbi’s lapel in the presence of the French police commissioner.

Rabbi Labkowsky has been serving the Marseille Jewish community, since 1976. He has established Jewish educational institutions for girls and boys—among them a day school, kindergartens and a Hebrew School to serve the city’s Jewish population of about 80,000.

The Rabbi also founded a Chabad Synagogue and a Mikvah. He recruited additional Chabad couples to help reach out to the city’s Jewish community, who have since established Chabad centers in central neighborhoods in Marseille.

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