Rabbi In Search of Dog

Baila Olidort

February 22, 2010

(lubavitch.com) “I’m looking for a dog now.”  That’s what Rabbi Shneur Goodman was busy doing when lubavitch.com caught him by phone the other day. “Really, I’m looking all over town for this dog that I must find.”

Earlier that day, the unknown dog romped with children in Chabad of Ashdod’s schoolyard. Then it left as quietly as it came, but not before nipping one of the school children. 

“If I don’t find the dog, they’ll have to treat the child for rabies. I don’t want to have to put this kid through that if it’s not necessary,” says Rabbi Goodman.

The good rabbi combed Ahsdod following numerous intelligence leads. Alas, the dog eluded even the dog catchers engaged by Rabbi Goodman. Still, mom’s grateful for the rabbi’s efforts. “It’s exactly what I would do for my own child,” Goodman says.


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