French Ambassador Visits Florida Chabad Center

French Ambassador Visits Florida Chabad Center

Miami, Florida

March 11, 2010

( France’s Ambassador to the U.S., Mr. Pierre Vimont, visited recently with Rabbi Yisroel Frankforter, Chabad’s  representative to Florida’s community of French Jewish expats.

The Ambassador met with Rabbi Frankforter over breakfast at the Jewish Learning Center (JLC) in the main Jewish section of Miami Beach. Mr. Brian Seigal of the Miami chapter of AJC co-hosted the visit.

Initiated by the French Consulate, the meeting gave Jewish community leaders an opportunity to raise issues about international policy of concern to the French Jewish community. The ambassador was unequivocal in stating that France insists on strong sanctions against Iran's nuclear program. They also raised the problem of anti-Semitism.

“We appreciated his interest and his assurances that his country will not tolerate anti-Semitism,” Rabbi Frankforter told

After spending time at the Chabad House, the Ambassador visited the Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach.

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