Holy Letters in the City of the Mystics

Holy Letters in the City of the Mystics

Tzfat, Israel

November 2, 2010

Since it opened several months ago, Otzar HaSTam of Tzfat has attracted 13,500 international  visitors. 

The multi-million dollar interactive visitors center situated in the city of Israel’s ancient mystics offers guests a hi-tech illuminating exploration of the tradition of the Jewish scribe, insights to the letters and calligraphy of the Hebrew Alpha Bet, and a visual primer on how Torah scrolls, Tefillin and Mezuzahs are inscribed on parchment.

According to Rivky Kaplan, a Chabad representative in Safed, it is the only such center anywhere in the world, and has drawn the interest of Knesset members and numerous VIPs.

“We’ve received numerous requests to replicate this model in various cities around the world,” she says.

The center, a boon to the city’s poor economy, has provided local residents with employment and reliable income. Tours are offered in English, Hebrew and Russian.

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