Minsk Jewish Community Grateful for Israeli-Belarus Visa-Waiver

Minsk Jewish Community Grateful for Israeli-Belarus Visa-Waiver

by Lubavitch.com Staff - Minsk, Belarus

September 28, 2014

To mark the visa-waiver for Israelis traveling to Belarus and Belarusians traveling to Israel, Sofa Landver, Israel’s Minister of Immigrant Absorption, visited the Belarus capital of Minsk. Landver visited the Jewish community and met with the city’s Chief Rabbi Shneur Deitch, who described a city that enjoys peaceful relationship between its minority Jewish community and broader population.

“Anti-semetism is basically non-existent. The Jewish community feels free to walk around as proud Jews,” Deitch said.

Accompanied by Yosef Shagal, Israel’s ambassador to the country, the minister toured the new synagogue, and the Ohr Avner Chabad Day School, which, she observed, has been noted for its exceptional education.

The visa-waiver, which simplifies travel between Belarus and Israel, was celebrated by the Jewish community.

“This is a very important improvement in the travel between the two countries. Jews have family in Israel and many Israelis have family here, the waiver will make it easier for families to visit each other. It will also ease the travel for many who live in Israel and want to visit their grandparents’ homes and gravesites in Belarus,” says Deitch. “This will be good for everyone.”

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