Meet the Pickle Rabbi at Agoura Kosher Week

Meet the Pickle Rabbi at Agoura Kosher Week

by Staff Writer - Agoura Hills, CA

November 2, 2014

In conjunction with Chabad of the Conejo’s Kosher Week, Rabbi Shmuel Marcus, known as the “Pickle Rabbi,” and sometimes, the “Soup Rabbi” will give a class on how to make class American Kosher dill The Chabad representative to Cypress, California, will give a crash course in the pickles history and will explain what makes a pickle Kosher.

Kosher Week will include supermarket tour through the local Albertsons Supermarket pointing out the yay’s and nay’s of Kosher shopping.” In his humorous, informative style, Rabbi Shlomo Bistritzky, Chabad representative to Oak Park, California, will teach newcomers to kosher how to identify the symbols for kosher certification, and which products don’t require kosher symbols to qualify as kosher.

As part of the week-long program, Rabbi Yisroel and Leah Levine, of Chabad of Oak Park, will take participants inside a kosher kitchen and help participants understand the specifics that make a kitchen kosher, and how one cooks and keeps a kosher kitchen.

Topping off with a pickle demonstration, guests will don their aprons and chef’s caps, choosing from a variety of pickling recipes before concocting their own and taking home the results in their own jar of pickles.

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