Danish Jews Explore Heritage

Danish Jews Explore Heritage

by Staff Writer - Copenhagen, Denmark

January 27, 2015

What makes a chicken kosher? How do you prepare challah for Shabbat? Do eggs have to be kosher?

Assimilation, and more recently, anti-Semitism by Muslims, have taken a toll on Denmark’s 6000 Jews who tend to keep a low profile. Exposure to Judaism is limited in a climate that is less than ideal, but Jews came out to participate, learn and celebrate at Copenhagen’s monthly Jewish Festival sponsored by Chabad.

The Festival packs a hands-on experience, a crash course on Jewish life and observance. Together with their children who study at the Chabad Hebrew School, sixty families attended this past month’s family event which covered Kosher observance.

“This event gets the parents involved in their children’s education,” says Rochel Loewenthal, Chabad representative with her husband, Rabbi Yitzchok Lowenthal.

“People take away some real knowledge, a deeper understanding of their heritage and the joy of the experience,” Loewenthal says. 

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