Making Merry With Kharkiv Jewish Community

Spirit of defiance marks Purim festivities

Making Merry With Kharkiv Jewish Community

by Staff Writer - Kharkiv, Ukraine

March 29, 2016

Despite all its difficulties in recent years, or perhaps in spite of them, the Kharkiv Jewish community celebrated with abandon on Purim. Two thousand came out to the Circus on Ice show, and hundreds wrapped tefillin. Chabad of Kharkiv distributed 2000 mishloach manot and 1,000 Shabbat candles. 

Still in the throes of struggle, the spirit of triumph reigned supreme as the community marked 25 years since Rabbi Moshe and Miriam Moskovitz arrived here in 1990 to rebuild Jewish life following the fall of communism.

The community made merry with Megillah readings, cantorial performances and a Hakhel dance by the Or Avner Day School celebrating the year of unity.

As L’chaims made the rounds and the community joined the Purim feast in the synagogue decked out to look like a Shtetl, the Jews of Kharkiv took strength and confidence that better days are coming.

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